5 Signs Suggesting Your T-Shirts Are Too Tight


Clothes are a funny thing. They look good when you try them on at the store, only to start looking questionable shortly thereafter. It can seem like shirts or pants get smaller every time they go through the wash. Sometimes that is the case. Other times, they aren’t shrinking at all. You are just getting bigger.

Though this post could cover several articles of clothing, it will focus only on T-shirts. How do you know when yours are too tight? You really need the answer so that you don’t walk around looking like a sausage wrapped in a poly-cotton casing.

Plurawl is a New York company that specializes in hoodies, T-shirts, and hats. All of their apparel featureimages and phrases familiar to the LatinX community. They offer the following five signs suggesting your T-shirts are too tight:

1. They Look Like Paint

You have undoubtedly seen examples of artists covering models with body paint. From a distance, it’s difficult to tell except for the fact that you don’t see any loose clothing fluttering in the breeze. Apply the same rules to your T-shirts. If they look more like body paint than actual fabric, they are too tight.

It’s okay to wear a T-shirt that’s a little tight from the chest up, as long as there’s still plenty of room in the sleeves. But if your T-shirt is hugging every contour of your body from neck to belly, please get rid of it. Donate it to charity or pass it on to a family member. Just stop wearing it.

2. They Ride Up

A good T-shirt should fit loosely enough to allow plenty of movement. You should be free to twist, turn, and bend over without a tee riding up your belly or back. If your T-shirts do ride up on you, they are too small. Along those same lines, feel free to apply the plumber’s test.

A properly fitting tee should keep the back of your pants covered when you bend over. If you exhibit the classic plumbers crack, your T-shirt is too small. You should probably also hike up your pants and tighten your belt a bit.

3. The Sleeves Are Constricting

Next, your T-shirts are too tight if the sleeves are constricting. Remember that tees should fit comfortably. Comfort may be fleeting if the sleeves are cutting off circulation to your biceps. And no, we are not impressed that the sleeves can barely contain your obviously robust muscle mass. No one cares that you’re buff but you. Get yourself some new T-shirts and spare the rest of us. Please.

4. They Leave Marks on Your Skin

From time to time, you may disrobe only to find that your T-shirt has left marks on your skin where the seams made contact. Not only does this tell you the shirt is too small, but it also says it is too constricting. Any time clothing leaves marks on the skin, you can bet that it’s too tight. Loosen up, for heaven’s sake.

5. They Feel Uncomfortable

Finally, tight T-shirts tend to be uncomfortable in a number of ways. They restrict your movement and prevent you from lifting your arms. They tend to move with you, causing you to itch when you twist or turn. They also tend to encourage perspiration because there isn’t enough air movement between fabric and skin. If your tees are uncomfortable, they are too tight.

Never forget that tight T-shirts are not visually appealing to most people. So if yours are too tight, do your friends a favor and replace them. Your body will be happier too.

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