5 Top Styling Tips for Ethnic Wear


Ethnic wear is known to make men look more graceful and dapper all at the same time. Whether it is a festival or the wedding season, ethnic wear is the go-to outfit for every man. So if it is time for you to get all those compliments that you get for wearing such clothing items, you will be intrigued to know the ways in which you can style.

To look elegant and humble in the same outfit, it is crucial to style the outfit properly. And with the evolution of the fashion industry, it is now that you must focus on going with the trend to look stylish. For instance, dhoti is the trendiest thing you can wear this season but you might be unaware of the possible ways in which it can be styled. Thus, in this article, we will discuss with you 5 top styling tips for ethnic wear that will help you update your closet wisely.

Styling Tip #1: Pairing Bright with White

If you wish to spread warmth through your outfit, it is best to style a white-coloured dhoti with a bright-coloured kurta, like red or yellow. In this way, you will not only attract attention but also stand out of the crowd in general.

Styling Tip #2: Go Monochrome!

Monochrome is not only trending but is also something that never goes out of fashion. Although wearing monochrome means choosing different shades of colours from the same palette, it gives you the freedom to choose your own silhouette and texture. Further, this will also make you look taller. In fact, if you wish to look leaner, you can also opt for black dhoti and kurta.

Styling Tip #3: Style your dhoti with a Nehru jacket.

Nehru jackets tend to make the outfit look classier and elegant. So if you are pairing a kurta with dhoti, pair your outfit with a Nehru jacket to add more texture. In fact, if your kurta is printed, you can opt for a solid pastel colour dhoti and jacket to accentuate it.

Styling Tip #4: Boots and Suit with Dhoti

If you’re thinking that pairing a suit and boots with dhoti would not look good, you must try it for yourself. All you need to be sure of is the style of your suit and boots are complementing each other. Just look for a soft shade of dhoti and pair it with dark-coloured boots and a blazer or tuxedo.

Styling Tip #5: Styling printed kurtas with pants

If you are not a fan of bright colours or monochrome looks, this is going to be the best choice for you. All you need to do is opt for a printed kurta and plain pants. Royal colours are not only in trend but will also make your outfit look festive. You can choose from a colour combination of silver and lavender, golden and orange, navy blue and royal blue, or golden and black. In fact, you can go for a kurta that is in floral prints as well.

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