A style guide to wearing Mules


If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest footwear trends, you must have surely noticed that Mules, currently, are at the top of the women’s-favorites charts.

The perfect mix of all the good bits of ballerinas and sandals, with open backs and sometimes-open-sometimes-closed fronts, Mules are comfortable yet classy and add a dash of sophistication to outfits. They fit snugly around your toes, keep your feet relaxed, and at the same time also prove to be absolute saviors when your ensemble is missing and adds that extra bit of elegance.

So, if you too want to get on the Women Mules bandwagon but don’t know what to pair them with, our fashion experts have put together a few outfits and tips to guide you in the art of styling Mules in the correct way:

With Casual Outing wear:

Want to wear Mules to college or a casual brunch date at the cafe? Put on a fresh pastel-colored shirt, french tuck it into a pair of high-waisted, distressed jeans, and slip into a pair of solid brown or blue suede mules. Accessorize with a watch, some rings, and a crossbody or sling bag, and there’s your laid-back, fun, model-off-duty look all complete!

Pro tip– If your Mules are flat, keep your jeans or trousers ankle length. Anything longer covering your heels will make you look shorter, and you will be risking your stylish shoes looking tacky and awkward.

With Ethnic wear:

There are a million different ethereal possibilities when it comes to traditional clothing and Mules. Here’s our favorite one- A monochromatic long kurta and straight pants set, statement earrings, and to add a balancing element, a pair of contrasting, embellished, or embroidered Mules. Simple, jaw-dropping, and comfy!

Pro Tip– When wearing a saree or flowy ethnic garments that fall past your ankle, say palazzos, go for wedge Mules or block-heeled pairs to add an illusion of a few extra inches, to allow the fabric to rustle and add a dash of grace when you move.

With Formals:

Tired of wearing the same old pumps to work every day? Replace them with work-appropriate Mules to switch up the vibe. Go with the usual pencil skirt or high-waisted cotton trousers and button-down shirt combination, and slip into a comfortable pair of solid black or dark brown Mules to finish the look. Some studs and a small leather strap watch will make good additions.

Pro tip- When buying Mules for formal wear, do not forget to keep the commuting factor in mind; it’s better to keep the heel height under 2 inches. Mules in neutral colors and minimum embellishments are the keys to building a more professional ensemble.

The charm that these versatile pieces exude when worn with sundresses, gowns, or skirts makes them an excellent alternative to your regular party wear stilettos or boots. Mules are one of the very few types of shoes that fit right into all the categories- they can be casual, formal, ethnic, whatever you want, depending on how you choose to style them. So, make sure to add the best ones from our collection to your collection!


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