Advisable tips for buying Diamond engagement rings


Most people usually find themselves in an intimidating and confusing experience after buying a fake diamond engagement ring. The bottom line of this issue is that they don’t know what to search for when it comes to selecting a genuine diamond ring.

Engagement Ring Concierge is widely known as the top producer of diamond rings, so if you are looking for genuine producers of the legit diamond product, look no further than Engagement Ring Concierge. Here are advisable tips for anyone clueless in purchasing a diamond ring:

The type of engagement ring you should look for

Unless your spouse has suggested a particular brand in mind, the best tip is to purchase an elegant and simple diamond ring with a diamond to set. They are known as a diamond solitaire ring. The diamond-set alone can cost you less than $200. If you need a fancy diamond set later, you can emit one diamond from the ring and use it as the prime diamond.

The exact color of the diamond ring you should choose

Take note of what your spouse put on. Yellow diamond ladies usually put on a bright color that has a darker or olive skin tone. Modern ladies usually prefer white diamonds. Lady who has dark hair tends to put on white or black clothing; they are recognized as a white diamond girl.

What size of an engagement ring diamond should be appropriate?

The answer to this question will demand some extra cash from your pocket. For instance, ¼ carat of a diamond is too small for the solitaire engagement ring. Half carat diamond is the perfect size for anyone to afford. The diamond between 1 and ¾ carats can make any girl so excited. If she shows it to her fellow girlfriends, they will be envious.

The sum of money you can pay for a big engagement diamond ring

If you decide to make a smart buy, you will get a ¾ carat diamond for a rate between $850 and $2000. You can also buy a diamond ring worth between $1300 and 3500. The secret is to get an inferior diamond quality that isn’t downright ugly. Therefore you should balance between a diamond cut grade and diamond color grade on a GIA rating scale.

The right place to shop for a diamond ring

The first trip should be at your local mall, but you shouldn’t make your purchase there. In a few hours, be familiar with 4 C s. You can hardly charge your eyes the difference between the lower grade diamond and costly high-grade diamond. The jewels salesperson most likely will pressure an individual to purchase the most expensive diamond.


It’s also a good idea to buy a diamond ring from your local retail, but an online store is the best since it offers varieties to choose from. Engagement Ring Concierge is one of the most genuine diamond products distributer you can refer to.


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