Best Collection of Durable Pearl Eardrops for Every Occasion


Pearl is nature’s magical creation that is obtained from a living creature. Its beauty lies in its lustre and unique shape. Women adore pearl jewellery as it’s not only an accessory, but a token of simplicity with elegance and royalty. Pearl itself denotes a person’s social status because we all know how difficult it is to get natural pearls. There may be some fake pearls floating in the market, but they are no match to real pearls in terms of durability, lustre, and colour.

The most traditional pearl accessories are the pearl earrings and necklace. Necklace can be long or short or of many layers. Similarly, earrings can be huge or just a drop that can be worn for any casual event. Peaks are available from various regions and lagoons therefore; there can be various shapes, dimensions and colours available in the market. One should choose wisely something that not only suits their complexion, but also looks a masterpiece.

Below mentioned are different types of styles of earrings –

Pearls look best with diamonds surrounded from all sides. It is the best earring that a business women or a housewife can wear every day.

Simple ear studs are good for normal days for a young girl who has entered college or a business woman who has to work all day in office as well as on field.

Tear drop pearls hanging on metals like yellow gold, silver, rose gold or any other metal definitely looks pretty. Especially, when during your head movement it slightly brushes your face and grabs everyone’s attention.

Short danglers are similar to teardrop earrings where pearls in a thin wire look very elegant.

Similarly, chandelier earrings are perfect for evening party where you can either wear it on formal or casual dress.

There are different designs of pearls. Some prefer just one large pearl sitting on a metal base, while some prefer a large pearl surrounded with different colour gemstones. Every individual has their own style and personality that reflects in their choices.

Pearl earrings are commonly available strung in yellow gold or silver metal. Apart from that different other metals are also available. The price of every pearl differs depending upon its quality, lustres, shape and size


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