Flower Play: The Kerry Parker way


Fashion’s on-going love affair with floral prints, continues to gain popularity over the years. Fashionistas’ never-ending adoration for floral and verdant patterns encourage the industry to broaden its horizon. In addition to floral pattern’s association with spring and summer, the fashion industry has been bold, experimental and accepting enough to extend its floral fondness to all the seasons. From bright miniskirts, summer dresses, sunglasses, blouses, rompers, swimwear to floral fishnet stockings, padded bralettes and statement belts, it has made its mark on every important fashion article that one can think of.

Florals can be taken to be a universal symbol for femininity. They have been so prevalent in the industry that it is hard to think of a time when florals were not being used by designers to give life to their art. Those divas who are rather experimental can pair a nice floral blouse with a cute mini-skirt, or pull off a floral blazer worn on a plain white tee and pair them with casual leggings.

Fishnet stockings. You either love them or think of them as a tad bit too controversial for your taste. It’s also entirely possible that these kinds of tights never made an impression on your personal style because earlier they were just so plain sailing.  But there is no denying that they have made a major comeback. A great way to try out the flower dressing trend is to experiment with fishnet stockings. This is the most unexpectedly beautiful thing that one could have done to fishnets. It’s a delicate task, adorning these fishnets with handcrafted flowers, stones and pearls and that is why there aren’t many brands doing it. The rebirth of fishnets has given flower dressing a new meaning altogether. Even a boring dress with simple cuts and an ordinary neckline can be made party ready with a pair of perfect fishnets. Elevate a cutesy pair of flats for a complimentary spin of gracefulness fused with grit.

Floral pattern has evolved over the years. For people who think that floral patterns are not their thing, can always buy a pair of cute sneakers with subtle floral prints. Take a padded bralette and perhaps pair it with a pair of shorts and a sensible hat. You are beach ready. The key to floral dressing lies in picking out the right combination and balancing the patterns out. A padded bralette is just a crop top that decided to be more risqué and fun.

If you go for the floral fantasy padded bralette be sure to match it with something relatively simple. Remember if you wear anything heavily embellished beneath it then you might make a fashion blunder. The piece in itself is a masterpiece, it should be kept as the focus of your outfit.

Floral dressing, can sometimes be overwhelming to certain people. The bright colours, unless, balanced out and worn right, can often turn out to be fashion disasters. For people who’d like to keep their wardrobe simple, small floral patterns on the casual jeans or cute thin patterns embroidered on the shorts’ pockets can make heads turn. Let’s just say that when it comes to Flower Play, there is something suitable for everyone.


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