Hacks To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction


If you have been searching for skirts for women online and have finally found the one with the exact make and length, you will surely want to go ahead and wear it at the earliest opportunity. Imagine your surprise when you realize that the skirt keeps inching down your waist, won’t zip properly, or keeps billowing up with the slightest breeze. This must-have happened to you countless times if you’re a fashion frenzy creature. Reading forward in this article, you will get the best tips on how to deal with all such circumstances.

  • Perform a look through:

A good look at yourself in the mirror is never a bad thing. Examine your clothes and how they fall on your body thoroughly. Don’t forget the accessories that you pair along with your garments. Check your footwear for damaged heels, minor tears in the seams that might later exacerbate.

  • Keep lighting in mind:

Your clothes can be deceptive. It is easy for lighting to have a profound effect on the colour of your attire. Garments that seem perfectly normal in soft lighting will suddenly become transparent under harsh lights. Layering different colours one over another might also lead to an unexpected change in colour.

  • Avoid footwear drama:

Your shoes are an extension of your body, so remember to keep them in consideration when planning your outfit. Always break into your shoes if they are brand new. Wear them an hour before an event and get the feel of how they work. Keep in mind the terrain. A pair of stilettos will be a nightmare at an open-air garden party.

  • Choose underwear wisely:

The market is flooded with different types of underwear to go with all your different dresses. Visible lines, panty impressions, and camel toes can all be avoided by just choosing appropriate underwear that will provide you with a seamless look.

  • Carry an emergency kit:

An emergency kit for a wardrobe malfunction might seem like a vague idea, but you will thank your lucky stars for it when you really need it. It should comprise of bobby pins, safety pins, double-sided tape, garment glue, a tiny needle and a bit of thread, and the likes of things.

  • Use makeup:

It might come as a surprise, but your vanity bag actually has a lot more uses than enhancing the features of your already beautiful face. A bit of lip balm on a stubborn zipper will help it glide up easily. A tiny bit of concealer on a beige jacket will help cover that tiny spot that you cannot deal with right away. Vaseline will help soothe sore feet if the night is still young, but your body just isn’t.

  • Duct tape and dress weights:

If you live in a windy place, the breeze would surely have been a bother to you on numerous occasions. Use tiny bits of double-sided tape to hold down the seams of a dress; even garment glue could work if you want to keep something in place. Using dress weights to keep cotton dresses down in the wind is a hack even the Queen of England swears by.

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