Original Costumes for Halloween 2020


If you like to go dressed up but very original or in a ‘fashion’ plan, here are some ideas for original Costumes for Halloween 2020. Themed costumes for groups, families or couples are carried. Do not limit yourself to terror, characters from series or movies can also be a good costume for Halloween, giving them a fun touch.

The Minions have “taken the hearts” of many parents, these little devils that do not stop. As well, Black Panther Cotume is valid for both children and adults and you can do it at home.

You need yellow jeans or dungarees, sweaters and hats (and purple for girls). With a can of shoe polish (one can gives you to make two eyes), filled with yellow plasticine and in the black center, you make the central eye. You attach it to a black rubber on the back with double-sided tape.

You make the stiff hairs that come out of the hat with pipe cleaners that you find in bazaar-type stores and they are very cheap. The girl’s wig can be found in bazaar stores for about 3 euros. So, in this fun Halloween costume you will be very well priced.

For the gothic look, leather or imitation leather also works very well. Pants, leather jackets mixed with a scarf on the head as you see in the photograph.

Can’t think of a costume? If you are tired of the typical witch or vampire costume, this year it’s time to change. We present the costumes and give your ideas so you can imitate them, it is a matter of using your imagination and you will see how the result surprises you.

Maleficent Costume

Snow White’s mean stepmother look that Angelina Jolie starred in is a hit this year for Halloween. You can buy the costume in costume stores or you can do it at home with a little skill.

A black satin fabric for the tunic and then to make the hat with the horns you can make it from papier-mâché. You know is this paper that is layered with newspaper or kitchen paper, glue and water. Once the shape is achieved, you cover it with black plastic or black satin and you already have it.

Captain Jack Sparrow

If you have a pirate costume you can recycle it to imitate Jack Sparrow. Napelo on the head a long vest, pants and a large belt with buckle. The wig with braids and beads is a must. Corsair type boots.

Hannibal Lecter

More costume ideas for Halloween, here you only need white clothes, or gray, a sweater that fits the sleeves you use them to tie them in the back. For the mask you can look for a mask (that you can cut) in bazaar stores, there are usually masks at a good price that can be used.

Frankie Stein

She is the daughter of the mythical Frankenstein and his girlfriend, she is only 15 days old, you have to see how grown the girl is to be such a baby.

The schoolboy dress is made of polyester in black and turquoise squares. She wears a tie and stockings with drawn staples.

A wig with black and white stripes in the central part cannot be missing. Platform shoes also in black and white. Clothing with zebra-type animal print is a trend for 2015, and it can be used for Frankie’s costume.

You can imitate the costume with a plaid skirt and a shirt, a belt, stockings that you paint staples, a tie, the wig and of course black shoes (which you can glue with double-sided adhesive white stripes) and can buy from black panther movie merchandise.

Spectra Vondergeist

A very cool costume for Halloween, it is a Monster High perhaps less known. In the series she is the daughter of a famous ghost. Spectra can pass through walls and is known better than the gossip of her school.

To mimic the costume, the black and purple wig is important. Then you can use a black bodice (better if it is leather or leatherette) and complete it with a leather skirt to which you tie a purple chiffon scarf. The socks can be in black and shoes or boots in pink.

A belt that you have made of chains, remember that it is the daughter of a ghost, you can use the chains as you like. A nice leather jacket with dangling chains will complete the look.


The little vampire who loves the color pink, is the daughter of Dracula. It doesn’t look so fresh but it is 1,599 years old. From drinking nothing-at-nothing blood, Draculaura is a vegetarian, he uses super sunscreen because he likes to sunbathe. Your pet is a bat.

The pink and black wig is essential for the costume, the rest a short white or black skirt. Pink stockings. In the upper part, a black sweater that you have thin and a vest, or short-sleeved shirt in pink. You can wear a black and pink scarf as a belt. The fact is that you can see that you are wearing black and pink.

Black boots (because pink will be difficult) but you can stick some Monster symbol on them (you can find it on the net, and then draw it on pink felt), then you can stick it to the boots with double-sided adhesive.


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