Other Not So Known Uses of Jockstraps and How to Buy Them


When you hear about jockstraps, usually what comes to mind is sports, protection, a workout garment, post-injury support, and others. Most people think that men don’t use it for beautification or to enhance their charms and confidence. The following are in fact some of the not so popular uses of the jockstrap:


Believe it or not, there are men who like to wear jockstraps with cups on a daily basis and not just during workout routines. They like to wear this since it appears to enhance their masculine appeal. It makes their organs bigger in size. They feel like wearing any manhood enhancing underwear.

Medical Use

Jockstraps are crucial during injuries and also prevent them. This is particularly true when for instance you get kneed on the crotch which is almost always in a contact sport. That’s why you have to have at least one in your closet.

Large Inventory

You have multiple options when it comes to jockstraps. You can find some that have strings, bands, or elastic bands. It also has various colors, patterns, and themes.

Sex Appeal

Both men and women consider jockstraps as sexy underwear. This can easily spice up things in the bedroom. This would make a great surprise to your partner while you are both under the sheets. An anonymous study revealed that in secret girls liked looking at men who wear jockstraps. Most of them rated the jockstraps as the g-string for men.


The global population does not really practice wearing the jockstrap on a daily basis. Some still feel awkward doing that unlike in the sports world where it has become a necessity. That’s why some men who want to stand out from the rest and be their unique selves wear jockstraps every day.

How to Buy the Right Jockstrap

For you to make sure that you make the right jockstrap purchase, you have to be familiar with the different styles and cup sizes of jockstraps. You may then apply the various techniques to enhance the jockstraps’ protection, support, protection, and comfort.

Look for a jockstrap in an online store if it is your first time. This will give you the chance to check and evaluate the size and material it is made of. Remember that the jockstrap supports the genitals. This means you have to be sure of the right fit and comfort level. While in the store, ask the sales clerk all the questions you have in your mind.

Find a large selection of jockstrap options online. Online dealers often give discounts especially when you buy in bulk. This will help you save up on expenses.

Choose the material that suits the kind of activity you use it for. Use the fashion jockstraps for daily wear while those that are made up of spandex or rayon can be worn for more strenuous physical activities.


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