7 popular gold chain designs for men


Gold is famous worldwide because of its value and investment purpose. You can find many gold articles and other forms of metal like coins, bars, etc. Since it has high malleability, many jewellers find it easy to shape the metal into whatever they desire. Men also love wearing gold jewellery in the form of chains, rings, watches, etc.

There are many chain designs available in stores and even online. You can flaunt your fashion style by buying them. These ornaments are not limited only to women, but men can also find several jewel articles for themselves. You can break stereotypes by buying gold ornaments and wearing them to public events and parties.

Yellow gold chain necklace

This gold chain design is appropriate to give off that classy look, and thanks to its thinness, it quickly passes for an everyday wear chain necklace. The chain is diamond-cut to perfection, and you might like the easy lobster claw clasp, which makes the chain necklace easy to wear or remove. The rope chain is 5mm thick.

Cuban curb chain necklace

It consists of solid 14k gold, but its finish is either the rhodium-plated white gold or yellow gold.It is not plated or gold-filled and has a 14k stamp.

Semi-solid Cuban delicate gold chain

It is a 15mm gold chain that is 26 inches long and elegantly crafted using the best-quality 14k gold. This chain has that classic, traditional design apt for men and women.

Bevelled curb chain

It is an elegant gold chain designed specifically for men looking for a simple but elegantly crafted jewel article. It is 22 inches long and comes with a chain clasp to ensure safe wearing. The lobster clasp is durable, and it is luxuriously designed just like the rest of the chain. You can find this 8mm thick chain on online jewellery shopping websites. It features a bevelled curb-chain design, and the hand-flat design makes it a unique option.

Figaro link chain

This hollow Figaro link chain is a classy and affordable gold chain with a nice yellow-gold finish. It has an elegant design but is also very simple to be an essential part of your daily wear.

Mariner link chain

This 20-inch yellow gold chain necklace, crafted in gold, is stylish and fashionable for men and women. You can wear it with formal and casual wear effortlessly. The clasp secures the chain and makes it easy to wear and remove. You can buy it from any website while jewellery shopping online.

Byzantine chain

This necklace contains high-quality yellow gold, and it boasts a radiant glow and a high-quality finish. It is 6mm thick, and it features a lobster claw clasp that secures the necklace in place. It is affordable and 18 inches in length, and you can wear it with formal and casual wear.

The traditional significance

Gold is a universal metal that you can team with any traditional or formal wear. It adds elegance and style to your look, thus enhancing your personality. These days, you can find almost every product in stores and even on websites, including jewellery.

Gold is also an element that every Indian includes while performing religious rites, in the form of coins, bars, etc. Most families give it to their relatives or buy it on occasions like Dhanteras, Diwali, Akshaya Tritiya, etc.


Shopping for online jewellery has become a trend as many working professionals prefer logging on to the website than visiting several local jewellers for quotations. You can also compare the rates and the specifications effortlessly.

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