7 typical wedding invitations over the decades


Wedding invitation cards were always the most exciting piece right after a marriage was announced in the house. With the arrival of the wedding invitation, families start their shopping aside the bride and groom.


But what takes in creating a wedding invitation, which brings along a bunch of happiness home? Let’s say a  lot of preparation and thoughts. Here are some typical wedding invitation ideas.

 1. Old and traditional wedding invitation

Nothing can go wrong with the good old wedding invitation format. Which includes all the information from the bride and the groom’s side.


Mainly their family lineage and the wedding locations. There is nothing to be creative about in these sort of wedding invitations. Because ultimately this sort of card follows the format that is edited for every new customer. 

2. Wedding invitation with classic fonts

Honestly, this is among the oldest designs followed in India. Calligraphy and good old artistic fonts are used in these wedding invitations. 

Words are painted according to their size and necessity in the sentence. Moreover, the wisest option is to opt for the classic old fonds.

3. Pastel themed wedding invitation

With the commencement of the twenty-first century, World has seen the emergence of a new colour pattern. We call it the millennials pastels. The aura consists of basic pastel shades like pink, yellow, blue, green and cream. 

These shades are not only the new boss in the fashion industry but also with the wedding invitation market. People are choosing these ranges of colours to complement their part of the long and flimsy wedding decorations.

 You can easily use a modern bohemian ink fond in the invite, and add a dose of charm with easy pastels.

 4.Story based wedding invitation

Couples who are getting love marriages or destination weddings, usually prefer every dect up for their wedding. So, they do not miss the wedding invitations as well.

 Incorporating your marriage story into the invites with the help of animations and pictures are a great choice.

 5.Royal styled wedding invitation

Want a wedding like Raja and Maharajas, spending lakhs on the venue and attire? Do not skip the wedding invitation. 

Royal wedding invitations usually are made on scroll patterns with flowy strings, and bright colors like blue or red. 

Holding the feeling of the family is also a matter of great deal. So, incorporate the good old family pattern into your card which is also quite fancy and royal. 

6.Elegant and quirky wedding invitation

Easiest and the most beautiful of all the options is to have a quirky wedding invitation. Go with the color pattern of your wedding attire and venue decoration.

 Add that to your wedding invite and make the most elegant piece. Do not forget to add on a few filmy dialogues from DDLJ or Kuch Kuch hota hai.

 7. Save the date as a wedding invitation

Utilize your immediate pictures for the wedding invitation. Like that of your pre-wedding photography. Undoubtedly the best option for making a very pretty, and personalized wedding invitation.

 That was the simplest of ideas upon which all the wedding invitations are being made. At the end of the day, it is completely upon how you want to have your big day and also the wedding invitation.


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