Celebrate Father’s Day by Sending him Flowers or Plants


Father’s Day is almost here, which means it’s time for you to find him the perfect gift that he will love. Flowers aren’t the immediate thing that people think of, when they’re looking to surprise their dad. Here’s the thing: A Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be “manly” enough to impress your dad. It’s all about showing him the love and appreciation for everything he’s done for you. That being said, sending flowers or plants via flower delivery in Charlottesville VA to your dad is indeed a great idea.

What’s the Best Flower to Gift to Your Dad?

For Father’s Day, roses are often chosen. When you are looking to send flowers to your dad, a florist in Charlottesville VA usually suggests choosing the ones in bright and bold colors. Red, yellow, purple and orange flowers are great choices. People often use a vase of bright garden flowers to celebrate the occasion, but you are free to choose any flower that’s vibrant and colorful (or perhaps your dad’s personal favorite). After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Other Choices Worth Considering:

While looking into flower arrangements, one would typically choose a gorgeous bouquet of gerbera, lilies, and iris. A florist does offer other options that suit the taste of your father. If you are not so fond of sending him a bouquet of roses, here are some great alternatives worth exploring:

  • Tropical Flowers:Another great gift for Father’s Day is tropical flowers. Birds of Paradise or Ginger or Anthurium will remind him of vacations in Mexico or Costa Rica. Fresh tropical blooms give people a feeling of tranquil,warm beaches. They will be mesmerized by its beauty. Choose a good arrangement of tropical flowers and gift it to your dad along with a note. He will greatly appreciate it.
  • Plants:For dads who love taking care of plants, this will be a great gift for Father’s Day. Leading flower shops in Charlottesville VA offer you a collection of flowering plants, from which you can select one based on your dad’spreference. Some popular examples include Orchids and Spathiphyllum. Check out what the florist offers at their store or online.If you are having a hard time choosing one, select a flowering plant based on his favorite color.

Don’t Just Send Flowers!

The idea of sending flowers or plants as gifts is a sweet gesture, but what makes it even more special is adding something along with it. This could be a balloon, a box of chocolates, or a note as mentioned above.

The best florist in Charlottesville VA offers no-contact, professional delivery service for your purchases. Their selections will be limited, so it’s best to order early. So, plan in advance, decide on your floral gift, and celebrate Father’s Day in style!


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