Making the Ideal Care Package for a Loved One


Care gifts are a terrific way to express to your family member that you miss them and are thinking of them when you cannot visit in person.

Thinking about numerous senior gift ideas and putting together care packages for a loved one may be enjoyable and exciting for the entire family (especially grandchildren). The possibilities are limitless, and the satisfaction of knowing your loved one is content is priceless.

Customize Your Care Package

Because you may not be able to see your loved one as frequently as you would want, creating a personalized care package is an excellent way for your family to remain in touch. When putting together a care package for a loved one, think of what they enjoy doing, some of their favourite snacks, and perhaps some new activities they might want to try.

Putting together a care box may be as straightforward or complicated as you choose. For example, you may just put everything in a box, or you can add some coloured tissue paper, a gorgeous wicker basket, and a cute handwritten note.

What Should My Care Package Contain?

Depending on what you include in a senior care package, it can be appropriate for any time of year. For example, you and your family may make a “warm and comfortable” care basket, a “staying busy” care box, or a “sweet delights” care package. The possibilities are truly limitless.

As you put together your care package, ask yourself questions about your loved one. For example, do they love arts and crafts, writing, or music? Do they enjoy viewing movies in their pyjamas? The consideration you put into the care packages is what truly distinguishes them.

Some items to include in care packages are:

  • Snacks or handmade delicacies of choice
  • Books, journals, and crossword puzzles
  • Movies
  • A diffusion device
  • perfumed lotions or hand sanitizers
  • A brand-new robe or blanket
  • Holiday or seasonal room décor
  • Family and friend photos or a scrapbook

Other senior gift ideas may be found here if you are seeking more.

After you’ve completed your loved one’s care package, mail it or drop it off at StoryPoint’s main desk. Our caregivers will ensure that your care package is delivered to your loved one.

Care packages can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Remember that care gifts can be simple yet incredibly effective. Don’t go broke attempting to come up with out-of-the-box concepts. What matters is the time and effort put into the present, even if it means sending a handwritten letter or a homemade card. A gift card to their favourite restaurant, a box of their favourite chocolates, or an arrangement of flowers are some more little present ideas. All presents, no matter how small, are significant. And they’ll remember you every time they see it.


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