Embracing Minimalism—How To Effectively Incorporate It In Your Formals


Allow us to start this conversation by asking a very relevant question! What does this Corona Virus pandemic made you realize?No, we aren’t talking about those deep self-reflections you are currently having while you are self-quarantined. We are asking some really basic questions.

Did you just realize that you were buying things for no reason, hanging out unnecessarily sometimes (count it as most) and have so much of time to yourself as you are confined. Well, those who are already following minimalism, know the charms of it.

But what about the fashionistas? What about those who like to keep their fashion game on point?

Well, we believe that minimalism is the most “in-thing”, even in the world of fashion. After all, it is environment friendly, self-assuring, affordable, and so much more.

So, as we wade through these tested times together; minimalism antidotes are a must to have when you finally head back to office (maybe, in a month perhaps).

Dressing up sharp and looking impeccable gets people to acknowledge your presence and it is even more important to create an impression when you are heading back after a long time. Read on to know how to look your best post your quarantine stay.

Colour or No Colour

A lot of people assume that with formals, they cannot experiment with color. It’s not just different shades of black white and grey, anything that doesn’t make you look like a clown is good to go.

When you are following the rules of minimalistic fashion, all you have to ensure is following a simplistic style. Navy blue, sea green, maroon are some colors you can easily incorporate in your workwear. In fact, solid color is also something that will always give you the workwear look.

Accessorize Smart

Want to ace the dynamics of minimalist fashion? Stop searching make-up stores near me and get into the accessorizing mode. But the catch is many often go wrong while picking accessories for formals. If you wear a dress of a neutral palate, and pair it with a doodled bag or shoes, it just spoils the entire look. When you shop for formal bags, make sure you go for things that will go with everything, and will not bling during a meeting. Your bae for life when it comes to formal wear is always going to be a thin white belt which you can literally wear with everything. When it comes to shoes, hold your head high with any solid colored stilettos, and you will be done! If you want to add all these accessories to your collection, you can buy them from places like Select Citywalk mall that hassome of the best fashion and accessory stores to cater your needs.

Don’t compromise with your personal style statement

You must try on different styles and cuts and go for whatever suits your body and not something which is just trending. And this is what minimalistic fashion is all about, standing out and expressing yourself through your wardrobe.

You can decide on the things that look best on you, and then go for the options the stores have to offer in that range.You can always go for a solid colored pants and pair it with a plain white shirt or even a saree with bell-sleeves blouse. If you are a lover of customization, go for it! Nothing communicates your style statement better than that.

Also know about the Don’ts

There are some big NO-NOs you must know about when it comes to minimalistic fashion.

  • Wearing a shirt with a ripped jean or some over-jazzed jeans and trousers isn’t going to work for you. The basic aim of minimalistic fashion is keeping it clean and simple.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear, because at the end of the day, you will have work to do, and with uncomfortable formals distracting you at every step, you will just be in the worse of situations.


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