Flower Ideas for Get Well Soon and Condolences


Losing a loved one is definitely one of the most difficult experiences in life. In terms of condolences, flowers are a great way to show grieving people that you care. Flowers are not dangerous, thoughtful, and allow people to visually remind you of your affection when they need it most.

When it comes to condolences, certain types of flowers are often included, while other flowers are often reserved. When shopping for your next condolences flower, consider these tips to get the perfect flowers to express your condolence.

Sympathy flowers are different from funeral flowers

The composition of the funeral is sent directly to the memorial service site. These flowers are displayed during the service along with other keepsakes to help people lovingly remember someone who have died. However, the sympathy flowers are directed directly to someone from the family members, whose loved one has passed away.

It’s never too late to send condolences

Even if you have just learned that someone special has passed away and it has been several weeks since the funeral, there is still time to express your condolences. Any flower arrangement is apt to express condolences and it would be convenient to send it home. The only thing to avoid in this situation is sending condolences to church, funeral home, or work.

Condolences after the funeral

According to religious traditions, condolences are expected after the funeral. In the Jewish faith, people like family will spend seven days mourning at home alone after the death of a loved one. Friends and other loved ones are expected to stay home during this time, called “Shiva,” to express their condolences and help ease the pain. In this case, the flowers will not be considered suitable. Instead, you’ll want to bring dessert, fruit, or a kosher basket.

Would you like to express more permanent condolences?

For some families, the idea of ​​flowers that will die in memory of a loved one who has already died is heartbreaking. In such circumstances, you may not want to send flowers and might consider sending a flowering plant in a pot instead. This is not only the right way to express your condolences, but also a great way to add fresh flowers that can continue to bloom. This gives the family an opportunity to remember that those who lost have always flourished in their prime.

Take the time to find out what the family would like, offer it to the best of your ability, and give someone some comfort when they need it.


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