How to Determine the Face Shape, and Haircut That Will Suit Your Face Shape


Are you confused about choosing the best haircut that complements your face? The hair stylists in Albuquerque , asuggest choosing a hairstyle that naturally fits your face shape.  To help you discover the right haircut, we have figured out the best hairstyles that suit different face shapes. So, to ensure that you have chosen the haircut that worked for your facial features, consider consulting your face angles and shape. Remember, confidence is an important factor when showing off your new haircut. If you need to know the shape of your face, we’ve put together a quick guide! Continue reading to learn more!

So, what is Your Face Shape?

To know your face shape, you should consider your jawline, length of your face, width, and hairline. One of the simplest methods to find your face shape is the method of tracing the outline of your face.

You’ll need a lip pencil or eyeliner for this. Tie your hair back The outline of your face will be visible when you look in the mirror. Now trace the outline of your face with the pencil or eyeliner you have on the mirror. This drawing will let you know your face shape.Some examples of face shapes include long face, heart-shaped face, oval face, and square face.

If this method doesn’t satisfyyou, talk toa hair and makeup artist in Albuquerque to know your face shape and the best hairstylefor the same. Also, you need to follow every beauty rules in the book. If you have a specific hairstyle in mind, you can ask the hairstylists. He/she can do the needful to make your favorite hairstyle suit your face type. Remember, everyone has a different face cut, but everyone is unique in their own way.

Best Hair Cuts for Your Face Shape

Long Faces: 

  • Chin-length bobs
  • Blunt bangs
  • Long cuts with layers

Round Faces 

  • Short side bangs
  • Lob
  • Choppy pixie cut
  • Long layered cut

Square Shaped Face

  • Wispy and soft bangs
  • Short bob
  • Blunt bangs

Heart-Shaped Face

  • Shoulder-length cut with some layers
  • Blunt bob face-framing pieces

Have you ever gone to a hair salon and ask the hairstylists to do the exact haircut of your favorite celebrity, while asking yourself “will it really suit me”? Don’t be confused anymore! Just follow the above tips and choose wisely!

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