How to Prepare for a Backless Dress this Festive Season?


Want to slay the festive season with your favourite backless dresses? Then time to banish unwanted body hair and expose your beautiful skin. Better don’t pick up a razor. Your backless dress must show your silky smooth skin, not prickly stubble or nicks and cuts. Then how to remove back hair easily, safely and fast? Well, check out these great options and try what suits you the best after a patch test.

Ready-to-use Cold Wax Strips

These instant cold wax strips save time and your skin from getting burnt by hot wax. Get full-body wax strips that are fit for your back too. Start using them months before the festivity. With repeated use, hair grows back slower and finer.

How to remove back hair using these wax strips? Take one and apply along the direction of your hair growth. Let it stay for a few minutes. Then pull in the opposite direction. You can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Instant hair removal.
  • The best wax strips are super easy to grip and therefore, can remove even 1.5 mm long hair.
  • You get long-lasting smooth skin for up to 4 weeks as the strips uproot the hair.
  • You can cut each strip in different lengths to evenly depilate your entire back.
  • Your back will also be exfoliated and look clean!
  • The top-quality wax strips come with distinct formulations for various skin types. They may contain Shea Butter to moisturise normal skin, Almond Oil and Vitamin E to pamper sensitive skin, and Aloe Vera to soothe dry skin.
  • The best strips can even leave the sweet fragrance of lotus flowers or berries!

Hair Removal Cream

You can try this solution too to get a hair-free smooth back. When you depilate your back using a hair removal cream, you get the benefits below:

  • Quick depilation in 3-6 minutes!
  • A good cream comes with a gentle spatula. Use it to apply the cream along the direction of hair growth. After waiting for some minutes, glide the spatula the opposite way.
  • The best hair removal cream also moisturises your back. So, it may contain Shea Butter for dry skin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for sensitive skin, and Lotus Milk for normal skin.
  • It may even come with a pleasant fragrance like that of jasmine or lilies!

Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Want to remove the small, fine hair on the back? You can choose a trimmer also. If it has a sensitive touch technology, its blades won’t touch or cut your skin. Plus a good product often comes with a comb attachment to help trim uniformly, and different precision heads to accurately remove hair of varying thickness. Glide the trimmer on the area to be depilated, and that’s it!

Before going outside, remember to apply sunscreen on your back to protect it from getting tanned under the sun. Also, use a nourishing moisturiser to soften the skin and enhance the smoothness of your back followed by depilation. Now you’re ready to be under the spotlight in that backless dress!

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