How to Prevent Damage to Curly Hair


Having curly hair is a challenge to maintain with disappointing products offered by mainstream hair stores. With harsh ingredients and products that do not treat curls with care, many hair products will end up damaging your hair rather than maintaining its health. The best product for naturally curly hair will not strip the hair of nutrients and moisture, but rather supply it with both. 

With black hair care products, you can have products that you trust to treat your natural curls without damage. Andre Walker Hair products contain top quality ingredients that will nourish your natural curls and kinks while healing split ends and breakage. If you want stronger, healthier hair – trust Andre Walker Hair products to treat your hair without unnecessarily harsh ingredients that will damage your hair in the long run. 

Hair products should be able to treat each hair type without causing damage. If you are using the wrong shampoo or conditioner, which many people often do, you may unknowingly be doing damage to your hair. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly or kinky hair each hair type needs a different care system in order to maintain its health.

With Andre Walker Hair, each hair group, whether straight, curly, or kinky has multiple types. Follow the hair type chart to find your exact hair type and get the hair treatment that is specifically made for you. No more using generic shampoos that claim to treat all hair types! Each type is different and needs specific treatments or you will end up damaging your hair. If your hair is kinky, you will follow the kinky hair products for your type. This way, you will always have a hair treatment that delivers results, without disappointment!


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