Can you get glowing skin naturally within a short span of 1 week?


Have you been constantly worrying about how you could maintain the glow in your skin naturally within a short span of time? If yes, you needn’t worry as this is possible by making a dedicated effort of following a specific skin care routine. So, if you’ve been asking ‘how to get glowing skin naturally in a week home remedies’, you’ve clicked on the right post. We are going to share with you few of the best skin care tips for retaining the natural glow.

Tip #1: Know the type of skin you have

Unless you know the type of skin you have, choosing the right skin care routine is tough. The different types of skin are oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. Which one is yours? Take into account details like whether your skin is mostly shiny or flaky or parched or excessively dry to understand your skin type.

Tip #2: Abide by the CTM routine

If you have to know the glowing skin secrets, you have to abide by the CTM routine, the cleansing toning and moisturizing routine. Make sure you stick to this CTM routine and follow it regularly. Your skin needs to be cleansed, toned and moisturized. Determine the type of skin you have to choose the right moisturizer. Apply it twice a day.

Tip #3: Scrubbing is vital

When you never exfoliate your skin, you will find the dead skin cells accumulating over the surface thereby giving you a patchy and dull look. Use physical exfoliators like face scrubs and ensure they’re not too rough for your skin. Scrubs have fine ground materials that eliminate all your dead cells. It is better to stay away from chemical exfoliators.

Tip #4: Peeling masks work wonders

What makes you glow without having to spend a huge amount? The answer is peeling masks! If you can indulge in using peeling masks once in a week, this helps your skin get rid of the remaining dead skin cells and gives an even tone. Go for peeling masks with natural fruit enzymes like papaya and pineapple. Masks should have low level of glycolic acid.

Tip #5: Steam up your face

How about steaming your face for even few minutes for at least two to three times in a week? This clears off the impurities from your skin and lets your skin flush out toxins by sweating.

Tip #6: Sunscreen is a MUST!

Make sure you never forget to apply a sunscreen before you move out of your house. The sunscreen should be of minimum SPF 30 and PA+++ and this type safeguards your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. When you’re outdoors, keep applying sunscreen every 2 hours.

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Once you start following all these skin care tips on a regular basis, you will definitely achieve glowing skin. Also check your lifestyle habits and eat good in order to make an impact on your skin. You may also join MeVero earn by refer program to invite your beauty-conscious friends to this app.


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