Waterproof Makeup 101


Mainstream media may make you think that you can look like a goddess under the sweltering summer heat. That a simple flick of your hair as you emerge from the pool has the little mermaid, Ariel, blue with envy. You always want to look your best, whether it is just a walk to the grocery shop, a drive to the office, a casual stroll on the beach, or a pool party. But the high temperatures pose a challenge to your hair and makeup. Waterproof makeup is specially designed to hold up against elemental forces like sweat and splashes.

Waterproof Makeup vs. Normal Makeup

Should you use waterproof or regular makeup? Well, it all depends on you, your preferences, and, most importantly, your skin. Waterproof makeup is essentially normal makeup with added compounds like silicones and plant-derived waxes. These extra components function to improve the product’s resilience to environmental influences. Take say, water-resistant mascara or lipstick. Once applied, they form a protective film along the surfaces of your lashes and lips, respectively. This reduces or does away altogether with the hassle posed by touch-ups. Particular waterproof makeup brands will even allow you to pass by the gym between work and play.

Before You Buy Waterproof Makeup

1.Do a quality check.

Most makeup manufacturers are concerned with making an extra buck rather than your well-being. Always check the quality of a product before you purchase and use it. You are advised to steer precise products containing harmful ingredients like silicone and hydroquinone as they are detrimental to your skin and your general health. Give preference to products with nature-derived ingredients that are either animal or plant-based.

2.Consider your lifestyle and preference.

What does your daily routine look like? Does it include many outdoor activities that are physically-involving, or is your schedule full of siesta breaks in your home? Will you be swimming at the beach or dancing at the club all night? Assess the activities you might participate in to help you determine which waterproof makeup is best for you. For example, people with sensitive skin may opt for waterproof makeup that comes in the form of sprays.

3.Removal Tactics

The skin is a significant organ and the most sensitive as it is perpetually exposed to destructive elements. Experts advise that you get makeup off to maintain proper skin health before you call it a day. Lamentably, your standard makeup remover is insufficient to get rid of waterproof makeup. Invest in a heavy-duty makeup remover brand that is oil-free to combat this shortcoming. They effectively dissolve and breakdown the added compounds like silicone making it easy to wipe away.

Take Away

The colourful fad surrounding waterproof makeup has taken over our screens and print media. As with any other product, there is a flip-side. You risk both short and long term damage to your skin if you improperly apply this specific brand of makeup, or use uncertified products. For instance, applying a foundation that contains silicone may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

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If you are looking for makeup that will endure through a teary wedding, an intensive work-out, your beach plans, or just a long day? Then consider purchasing waterproof makeup from trusted dealers selling certified brands.


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