The Serene and Eternal Bliss of Modern Hanbok


There would be probably nobody on this entire planet who would want to look surreal. The aesthetic dresses that are available add on to everyone’s wish list especially on occasions like weddings. Although the definition of beauty may vary from place to place, something which doesn’t change is people craze for adorable dresses. Especially in Korea where people give a lot of importance to their beauty and dresses.

And who doesn’t loves fairytales and their costumes? As Koreans are someone who remains so much concerned about their looks and they don’t leave any single opportunity to dress-up, how can they become oblivion to their weddings? So, to make their wedding more memorable and to preserve their culture they have a traditional dress called hanbok. But with time Koreans have made some changes in their traditional dress which is now called as modern hanbok.

Hanbok is a dress which is found in Korean fairytales. A dress that represents their grace, culture, and classic beauty. This dress is considered as a fashion statement in Korea.

What is modern hanbok?

Modern hanbok is a style that is created by the fusionof the traditional Korean hanbok with western and other cultural fashion influences. The younger Koreans generations have created their version of hanbok which they can wear on special occasions as well as they can wear it casually too. Earlier they used to be lengthy and full-body covering but now there are also found in shorts. Earlier the hanboks were made up of silk fabric or hemp. But nowadays many synthetic fabrics are also used for sewing them.

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What makes a hanbok different from other Korean dresses?

  • The importance of this dress can be known from the fact that Koreans used to wear this dress especially on the occasion of their wedding.
  • This dress represents the Korean heritage and culture which they respect a lot.
  • This dress never actually went out of fashion and has been a fashion statement over the decades. Although the dress has evolved over the years and that was indispensable.
  • This dress makes the Korean couples stand out in their own wedding.
  • The one more benefit is that you can customize your hanbok according to your preferences like you can choose the print, color, fabric, and the size (full or short).
  • The dress is available for men and women both. The women’s hanbok is composed of Chima (wrapping skirt) and jeogari (top).

Final words-

The new Hanboks are designed with simplicity and to meet the comfort of everydayclothes. The easy tie tops and the comfortable skirt makes it easy and convenient to move around. They can be used as formal as well as semi-formal attire.


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