Selling Your Used Watches Online: An Ultimate Guide


The thought of selling your used watch may seem intimidating, especially if you are a watch aficionado. But there is no point keeping a watch in your closet which has outlived its utility. So the best recourse is to sell it when the time is right. For most people, the watch just ends up in the cabinet because they do not know how to sell it. But following the right steps will help you get a good value. So if you are planning to sell your watch online, this article will guide you on how to do it.

Finding the right portal

There is no dearth of online stores, but you need to select the one that will help you get the best value for your used luxury watches. Not every portal is right for you; therefore, you need to do a thorough background check by analysing the reviews of the people buying watches from the online store and how many sellers are using the website. The online store needs to be reliable and have a large customer base. Such sites provide the sellers with the opportunity to reach more buyers and sell the watch to the one who offers the best value. Check out the market trends to find out which watches are in demand and which ones have become redundant.

Condition of the watch

Though premium timepieces like TagHeuer watches tend to command a much higher value, the selling price is usually determined by the condition of the timepiece. A watch that needs elaborate repairs will sell at a much lower price than one which is in pristine condition. If the buyer has to pay for repairs then they will purchase the watch at a rate much lower than your expectations. Apart from the working condition, watches that are genuine, comprise a good strap, have the papers, and are attractively packaged, always get a much higher value. Some appealing photographs of the watch and the packaging from different angles will help to lure in more buyers.

Shipping and delivery charges

Once a buyer has expressed interest in your used watch, you will have to ship the product to them. This will entail some delivery charges. But you need to make sure that the charges are not too high. If the delivery charges are too exorbitant, the buyer will lose interest in the product and start looking for those sellers whose shipping charges are affordable. The buyer will also need the product on time. Therefore, do not delay the shipping as this can negatively affect your reputation.

Selling your used watch should be a joyous affair instead of an intimidating one. Choosing reliable partners like the Second Time Zone who have a competent sales team and a team of watch specialists will ensure that you not only get a high price but also that your watch will be in the right hands. The site is a great place to sell and also buy pre-owned Tag Heuerand other luxury watch models.


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