The Eyes Are More Than Just Tools for Seeing


Ask a scientist to discuss the eyes and you are likely to hear a great deal about their function. Ask a poet or an actor, and you’re likely to hear that the eyes are windows to the soul. Eyes are fascinating from both biological and psychological points of view. There is one thing about them we can say for sure: they are more than just tools for seeing.

There are dozens of different components that all work together to enable slight. You have the eyeball, the retina, the ocular nerve, and so forth. If just one of these components is either missing or broken, you cannot see properly. And yet your eyes could still speak volumes about who you are.

Eyes Reveal Thoughts and Emotions

One of the reasons we say the eyes are windows to the soul is because we know that our eyes can reveal our thoughts and emotions. You can tell a person is angry just by looking in their eyes. The same goes for sadness, joy, and a range of additional emotions.

Are you familiar with the late Roy Orbison? The very first time he performed on stage, he put on a pair of black wayfarers. It wasn’t because of the bright stage lights. It was because he was terrified. He didn’t want the audience to know, so he covered his eyes and hoped for the best. Dark sunglasses became part of his signature look. Thereafter, he would rarely perform without them.

Eyes Reveal the Intentions

Looking beyond thoughts and emotions, our eyes can reveal our intentions. Imagine having lunch with a member of your extended family, someone you haven’t seen in quite a while. She keeps asking all sorts of questions that seem odd. She claims she is just curious, but her eyes say something different. Something’s up. She intends to do something with the information she’s gleaning.

You later find out she was just planning your surprise birthday party. What a relief. Looking back on your lunch date, you are reminded that you suspected something was afoot. Your family member’s eyes gave her away.

Eyes Can Reveal Illness

The eyes also have the unique ability to reveal when a person is ill. Take jaundice, for example. Jaundice is a condition characterized by the buildup of bilirubin in the system. It can cause the eyes and skin to take on a yellow-orange color. Yellowing eyes is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Sunken eyes can be a sign of any number of serious illnesses. In such cases, your eyes do not really sink. Instead, they look sunken because you’ve lost considerable weight that shows in your face.

Of course, there are illnesses that directly affect the eyes as well. Pink eye is one example. There are times people wear sunglasses for this very reason. They do not want their eyes revealing whatever illness has currently stricken them.

The Power of the Eyes

The eyes being windows to the soul is an immensely powerful thing. We can use our eyes to comfort and encourage. We can also use them to intimidate. We can even intimidate by covering our eyes. All it takes is a scowl and a pair of dark sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear to strike fear in another person.

The eyes are more than just tools for seeing. They contribute to what makes each of us who we are. They are part of our personality, our character, and the image we project. Think about that next time you are buying sunglasses or putting on eye shadow. Take care of your eyes. They are important.


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