Top tips to Shop safely at a Great Deal online


The number of online shoppers has increased steadily in recent years.

More people now find it comfortable to shop for their desired products online- from food to properties, the cashless policy has really helped. The mobile Internet also seems to have played a part in this.

According to a Deloitte survey in the USA, almost 50 percent of smartphone owners use their internet- connected phones to shop online.

Underarmour, one of the most popular online stores in the US to shop cloth, shoes, and male and female accessories recorded higher sales in the last five years.

Risk of shopping Online

However, the risk of becoming the victim of fraud is also increasing as more people pay for goods and services via the internet.

Fraudsters target consumers' credit card account information, login details, PINs, and other confidential information.

How to Shop Safely Online

To avoid any unpleasant surprises when shopping for trending bags, shoes, and clothes on Underarmour, you should follow these tips for secure online shopping.

Shop from a trustworthy store like underarmour , especially where you can get voucher gift cards to shop at a good deal.

Personally, I don’t only like Underarmour for the cheap price, but also for the UI and UX design. It is easy to search and find what you want, and there are plenty of coupons to redeem to shop cheaper than other stores.

You can even search by location to get your order delivered to you quickly.

Make sure that the goods on offer are precisely described and have the retailer confirm receipt of your order in writing.

Be skeptical of sellers that have only positive reviews. The reviews of the products could be falsified. Protect yourself by running the entire ordering process over an SSL-secured connection.

Watch out for additional costs such as cash on delivery charges and service flat rates.

Information about shipping fees should be clearly displayed. Also check if the price includes VAT, service fees, and shipping costs. For large items, like cars, larger motorcycles and trucks, shipping usually comes with freight costs, and only a few companies can guarantee affordable rates.

Avoid disclosing credit card or bank account information at stores you are not familiar with. There are several popular stores online but you would use a store where your data will not be sold to third parties for any reason.

Some big tech companies keep data forever, and they don't only use it for a survey and business analysis but also release it to the third party for reward.

Find out whether the online merchant offers a secure payment method via an SSL connection . Avoid offers that actually sound too good to be true. Get opinions or information about such sites and offers beforehand.

It is also advisable to bookmark sites where you have already made purchases. You can then quickly navigate to a proven store.

Don’t make your online purchases in public places like Internet cafes, but rather in a protected environment from home.


If you been shopping from a particular store without testing others, you might've missed a great offer in the past.

I was once like that until I realized some goods are cheaper in one store than the other.

Each store seems to have some items that are cheap when compared to others, and other items that are expensive when compared to others.

For male and female clothes,shoes, and sporting equipment, I prefer to buy from Underarmour, that& just my experience.


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