What You Need to Know Before Buying a Stationary Sofa Cover


It’s a great way to update a sofa or to change its color to match your living room decor. This is a great way to save money on a fundas sofa or set covers, and it allows you to help the environment by recycling your old couch instead of throwing it away.

Take into consideration:

  1. Do you need to strip the old color first? Perhaps your new color is paler, has a different tone to it or is faded. Remember that preparation is key to decorating success. If you apply dye to a base color that has not faded evenly, it will still show through.

         Avoid using chlorine bleach as it can damage fabric. Instead, consult your dye supplier about a dye-stripping                 product. Print fabrics rarely strip, and patterns will still show on even the darkest colors.

  1. The stripping of the fundas sofa can be combined with a washing to remove any residue that might interfere with dyeing.

Here are some examples of possible problems:

Not evenly worn stain resistance or flame retardant e.g. If you have only washed the cushions covers in the past and not the sofa base.

There are many spills and stains which could block or accelerate dye uptake in localized areas. Some dyes are attracted by grease/oil.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan to wash your clothes in a washer.

  • To avoid uneven or patchy tie-dye effects, there must be enough space for the material to fundas sofa move freely.
  • If dyes are to be applied in multiple batches, they must be accurately weighed to ensure that each batch is the same weight.
  • Uneven preparations will result in uneven dyeing.
  • It can be messy to handle dye powders. Follow all safety precautions provided by the dye supplier. It is easy to contaminate fabrics, e.g. Avoid any drafts that could pick up dye particles. Use protective clothing and clean all surfaces.
  • This is illustrated by a case that I witnessed in which dye powder was applied to someone’s hair, causing them to notice coloured spots on all their clothes for the remainder of the day.
  • To reduce the possibility of dye stains in your washing machine, run several loads of dark detergent.


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