Welcome to the Future With Screen Touch Watches


With technology growing phenomenally, watches are no longer just for time keeping. From being the easiest way to stay connected to being the perfect schedule planners, smart watches are the future. The innovative screen touch watches are becoming increasingly easy to use, with better connectivity to smartphones and other gadgets. With some of the finest brands in watch-making entering this arena and creating masterpieces that combine design and technology, it is safe to say that these watches have become not only a wardrobe but also a lifestyle essential.

Tissot Touch Collection T026.420.17.281.03

Price: Rs.67500

The vibrant colors and the edgy design make these screen touch watches the perfect modern accessory with any outfit. The bright orange strap stands out against the black dial. The detailing of the design is evident in the placement of the buttons and the wonderful division of different colors thorough the body of the watch. Along with the touchscreen, this watch has several other interesting features like a chronograph and alarm settings.


Price: Rs.25995

The blue silicone straps with the elastic overlay are youthful and trendy. Adding a touch of maturity to the design is the silver steel bezel and the white dial. The priority with this design, quite evidently, is the functionality of the watch. The size of the dial is just right to achieve that. Dylan by Michael Kors comes with the largest gamut of high tech features including an activity monitor, world time display, Bluetooth connectivity and a lot more.  The mineral crystal glass is the perfect choice for screen touch watches and also adds great value to the already interesting design of this piece.

Fossil Q FTW4011

Price: Rs.18695

When it comes to smart watches, Fossil is undoubtedly a pioneer. This Fossil Q screen touch watch is minimalistic, yet extremely alluring. The plain and simple, linked steel band makes it the perfect choice to complete a formal or a casual outfit with equal panache. The black dial contrasts the silver color of the metal to add depth to the design. When it comes to technology, these screen touch watches bring the whole package including G-sensors, activity monitors, Bluetooth connectivity, gyroscope and a lot more. This watch is also wi-fi enabled so that it is able to perform seamlessly on the go.

Michael Kors Sofie MKT5030

Price: Rs.25995

Style meets technology with the glamorous Micheal Kors Sofie range. The rose gold metal straps and the bezels are completely in sync with the best fashion trends globally. To keep the glamor quotient high, the bezel is studded with a line of precious stones that sparkle each tie the wrist moves. Of course, there is more to this watch than looks. In terms of functionality, it is packed with features like planners, Google maps, activity monitor, g-sensors and even a gyroscope.

Emporio Armani Connected ART5000

Price: Rs.29995

When it comes to elegance and style, Armani is unmistakably the biggest name in the world of fashion. This reflects in the sleek design of these screen touch watches. The band is made of steel and looks extremely sophisticated when paired with the navy blue dial. To add that vintage touch, the dial consists of traditional Roman numerals. The dial is round and quite large to make it simpler to operate the several functions of the watch such as alarms, world clock and activity monitor. These mini display dials are placed strategically on the dial to make timekeeping easy while including modern touch screen features.

Fossil Q FTW6023

Price: Rs.17596

This is yet another stylish piece in the range of screen touch watches by Fossil. The bling on the watch is the first thing that the eye is drawn to. There are stones arranged to perfection along the dial and through the center of the metal band. These elements make the watch look like a great piece of jewelry on the wrist. The appeal of the watch is enhanced with several functions that it is capable of performing such as monitoring activity, displaying world time and much more.

Tissot Touch Collection T091.420.47.057.00

Price: Rs.62100

The Tissot touch screen range has some of the most unique designs that have a great sporty edge to them. This piece comes with a bright red band contrasted by a dark black dial. Alarms and a chronograph are some of the features of this watch. What truly stands out is the interesting shape of the bezel which makes it very trendy.

Conclusion: Screen touch watches are undoubtedly the coolest gizmos out there today.  They are compact, portable and of course, supremely stylish. For those who want to stay ahead in terms of fashion and technology, these watches are a must-have. With a varying range of prices, they are also extremely affordable, no matter what the budget is.


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