What is wine? How is it prepared?


Wine is a fermented juice that is made up of grapes and other fruits like apples, etc. But grapes are used in large quantities. Grapes that are available at different species and locations give different tastes while eating. Some of these different grape species offer different tastes in wine. The other fruit ferments also produce different kinds of wine with the addition of the fruit flavor that is used for making. Though various drinks are available, grape juice liquor is the most famous.

How is it prepared?

Before the 19th century, the process of fermentation was done by storing it in earthenware for making wine. Some countries store it in an improved oaken cooperage. Then the wine is drunk by the country people throughout the year. Later, wooden barrels are introduced to store and produce it in large quantities. Then later, glass bottles are invented, and stored in the bottles with cork stoppers for a long period of time.

Most people are unsure how it is produced while stored in a barrel, but Louis Pasteur explained in the mid-nineteenth century that it is produced due to yeast formation during the fermentation process, which is responsible for it. They also identified that bacteria are also formed during the fermentation process if they are stored without heating and the liquor will be spoiled. So, before the fermentation process, the ingredients are heated to kill the bacteria growth.

This method is also used for developing the yeast culture for other uses. Then, in the 20th century, machines were invented for production and storage. Wine production is done with high quality and quantity using stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks. And to kill the bacteria formation, it is heated and refrigerated at a certain temperature. The tank is cleaned easily by washing as it is an automated system.

There are over 1000 grape varieties that have been developed in recent years. Each grape differs from the other in various factors like size, shape, color, and taste. They are grown in a variety of climates, and their culture produces a wide range of flavors for liquor. All these lead the way to the huge varieties of wine in the world market.

The important thing for the taste of the liquor is its age. The longer the liquor is stored, the more the taste will be increased. The cost also increased for the long-term preserved liquor.


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