Gothic Skirt Guide: What You Need to Know


Gothic culture is enchanting in many ways. Sure, for some people it was a phase (or for their parents, at least). But many representatives have chosen this style as their primary. This is absolutely fine because everyone has a right to wear what they feel comfortable in.

But to add to that comfort, you need high-quality clothes. One of the essential parts of the wardrobe is a gothic skirt. There are so many varieties: long and short, classic and more stylish, with and without accessories.

Anyone can find a skirt for their size, style, and body type. But you need to know where to look, of course.

In this guide, we’ll review a brief history of gothic culture, discuss creating a stylish wardrobe, and show you the perfect place to buy such a piece!

A Brief History of Gothic Fashion

It’s commonly believed that gothic fashion was born in the British post-punk environment at the beginning of the 1980s. It became so popular in the early 2000s that the impact of it on the culture is still visible.

This style is gorgeous and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. You can go hard or add light gothic elements like a skirt for a more casual look.

Where to Buy a Great Gothic Skirt

One of the key questions people have is where to buy high-quality, durable gothic skirts and other elements. We have one online store that will leave you impressed with their range of clothes. 

HARD’N’HEAVY is a shop where you can find everything. Their range of gothic skirts is enormous, and you can sort the results how you’d like. We like to see the best sellers, so the list shows us these items first. Seeing what other people buy helps to realize what you really want.

There are lots of benefits to this store:

  • Easy-to-use website.
    The website is minimalistic, with all the needed buttons and functions. You can review all the items clearly and sort them in the way most convenient for you. There’s a neat menu guiding you through the types of clothes and accessories you can find on the site and additional sections that will answer your questions.
  • Easy ordering.
    When you choose the most suitable gothic skirt for your outfit, order it in a couple of clicks. The process is standard and very easy. But if it’s your first time buying something online and you need help, customer support is ready to answer your questions.
  • Great delivery options.
    The shop offers worldwide delivery! This is very exciting since the quality of their skirts is worth it. You can order from most countries. However, if you live in a remote place or a suburban area, make sure to contact the store first. They will tell you whether it’s possible to ship to your location. If not, you can discuss a larger city where you can go to receive the package.
  • Reasonable prices.
    A decent shop will never charge you more than needed for their comfortable operation. This one has very reasonable prices for the quality of clothes they create. You can get a one-of-a-kind piece as a great deal with worldwide delivery!
  • A detailed FAQ.
    Researching the shop before purchasing something from it is a good habit. To satisfy your curiosity, HARD’N’HEAVY has a detailed FAQ page with all the information you need about coronavirus precautions, delivery, return, etc.
  • Anti-COVID precautions.
    There’s a limited number of people in physical contact with your order. Most employees work from home, and all that have to pack and ship the items you order take all precautions by using a disinfectant, wearing gloves, etc.
  • Customer support.
    Every question has an answer. You can always ask the support team about everything from the item size to how it’s delivered. Trained operators know everything about the shop and are eager to talk to you.

How to Style a Gothic Skirt in a Regular Look

You don’t need to choose a fully gothic outfit to wear such a skirt. There are two ways to style it as a more classic or casual outfit:

  • Classic.
    It will be a colder and more conservative style. A longer skirt is preferred with some blouse resembling Victorian style. You can use a modern-style blouse as well, or even a crop top. Just make sure that if the bottom is special (with accessories, decoration, etc. on the skirt), the top should be calmer.
  • Casual.
    There are lots of playful mini skirts in gothic style. Throw a crop top in there, some accessories, maybe a hat, and you’ll have yourself a cute, edgy date outfit. You can work with accessories here to achieve the style you’re aiming for.

Experiment with shapes and textiles, layer clothes and accessories. Add a suitable hairstyle, a leather jacket, and a scarf for a more autumn look. The options are numerous. But, first of all, you need to find the skit that will look gorgeous on you. 

If you want to wear it as a part of a regular outfit, opt for a more casual skirt in gothic style. Fashion is very diverse nowadays, so you don’t need to commit to one style to use its elements. It’s like using heels with sporty outfits. If you style it well, you’ll look very fashionable.

We hope this guide has helped you find out something more about gothic skirts. They look gorgeous and can fit anyone. There are different sizes and lengths, so you can feel comfortable in your chosen one. 

And now you know where to buy the best skirts! The shop is filled with options and is very easy to use. Worldwide shipping is another good news, and you can find all the details about it in the FAQ section on the website. 

Customer support is also ready to help you choose the best skirt and order conveniently. The choice of a shop and model is very important in your journey to the best gothic style! Choose full-gothic, classic, or casual, or even all three. Create capsules with such skirts for every fashion direction – you will never regret the choice!


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