How to Maximize Your Rest Days


Rest days are good for that–resting. But more than that, this can also be a time for you to look back at the previous week, think of what your best and worst moments are, and make sure you learn the lessons that will help you improve for the better.

This upcoming weekend, make sure you do the following:

Batch-prep Your Meals for the Week

When you’re busy working the whole week, there’s little thought put to the food you eat. You go for convenience and you think you’ll eat healthier next time, but next time never comes. Before you know it, you’ve already gone through all the fast food places that deliver to your doorstep, and you’re eating at your desk. This is not healthy, and if you continue to do this while living a sedentary lifestyle, it won’t be long before you feel the effects on your body.

You don’t need to get more hours in a day just to have time to cook healthier meals for yourself and your family. All you have to do is prepare them in a big batch over the weekends, freeze them in portions, and reheat as necessary. A few hours of cooking in one day can give you homemade, healthy food for the whole week!

Challenge Yourself to Explore Your Wardrobe

Sometimes, we buy things just because they look nice or because we want to wear them in the future. These aspirational pieces of clothing may not be expensive if you buy them on sale, but if you paid full price, it would be such a shame to just let them sit in the back of your closet. It’s just like when you buy a face mask online but then you don’t leave time in your schedule to apply it on your skin. The initial application of the product takes just a minute, and while it’s on your face, you can do anything you want. For clothes, this means hunting for those pieces you don’t feel like wearing anymore, and making a conscious choice to change that. Granted, unlike beauty products, your clothes don’t have an expiry date, but they do go out of fashion if they’re not a classic piece. You don’t want to wear them and look like the odd one out, right?

Catch up with a Friend

Your rest and relaxation should be all about empowering yourself and getting some much-needed support from your peers. After you’ve gotten your fill of self-care baths and scented candles, call a friend or chat with them over your favorite social media apps. Talking to people online these days is more fun because there are filters and fun stickers you can send each other. This might feel like mindless chit-chat to you when you’re sneaking in a message or two during weekdays, but over the weekend, it’s more important to talk to your peers and get a boost of confidence from knowing you are liked, treasured, and heard. Especially when you’re going through something, it’s important to surround yourself with people you can have meaningful conversations with.

The worst feeling is when you’re just watching life pass you by. Make your weekends count and do something fun to rest and relax.


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